Pivovar Trebon

Visit Regent Brewery


A highlight of any trip to Trebon. Day and night tours provided by the Brewery combined with Beer Pouring tutorials !
Don´t miss the chance of having the exciting beer brewing process explained to you by a professional finishing off with a tasting session in the Schwarzenberger Beer cellar-Zbrojnice.

More info Tel: +420 606 610 875


  • Brewery shop

Our shop sells all Bohemia Regent products as well as advertising material and memorabilia. The shop also supplies alcohol from the company Fruko Schulz of J. Hradec.

Opening hours:

Mo-Fr 9:00-16:30

Sa 9:00-11:30

Sunday closed but you can also buy beer and memorabilia and beers at the reception of the brewery open everyday 24 hours.



  • The Schwarzenberger  Beer House
On the courtyard of the brewery, to the right once you pass the entrance gate, you can find the Schwarzenberger Beer House Restaurant called Regent Gold that offers visitors a comfortable place to sit with their beer in a historic environment. The beer house offers not only the usual Bohemia Regent beers and traditional czech food but also a speciality which you cannot get anywhere else – yeast beer. The beer house is open daily from 11am till 10pm.